Zisha Teapot and Sliced Teapot, 2017

2022. 8. 15. 17:55Design/Craft

Creator: Daegeon Lee (이대건)

Title: Zisha Teapot (자사호)

Material: Pottery

Size: 16.5x9.5x9.5cm

Year: 2017


It was intended to shape abundance into a teapot.


Lee, Daegeon (이대건)

Title: Sliced Teapot

Material: Pottery

Size: 15x8.5x6.5cm

Year: 2017


It is a deformation of a zisha teapot. The teapot was sliced and collapsed by a spiral cut. It was submitted to Art Pottery class, Tongji University as a student work.


Single spiral cut on the teapot


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