Fragmented spaces: lights in the boxes, 2018

2022. 8. 16. 20:37Design/Installation Design

Title: Fragmented spaces: lights in the boxes
Design team: prof. Lawrence Kim, Daegeon Lee (이대건), Donghoon Kim, Jaewoong Yoon, Sangwoo Jeon, Hyeonseok Park, Sooyon Kim, Daegyung Kim, Minhye Choi, Chanhyo Jung, Taewon Um
Material: White foam board, Acrylic sheet, Mirror film, Half-mirror film, Square bar with white paint finish
Size: 2x3x2m
Year: 2018

It is a project of an installation design course at the department of architecture, Pusan National University. It took about a thousand of man-hours just for the construction.


Diagrams of the installation



Photos of the installation



Development and construction process


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